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Mosquitoes are responsible for causing so many sever diseases like malaria, dengue, chikun guniya with which world is fighting with great efforts, but they causing more damage to human health day by day and human filling effort less. The world health organization is also trying to control this situation but they also don’t get satisfactory output, the patients of malaria, chikun guniya are increasing in large number.

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The anopheles stephensi species of mosquito is responsible for causing the malaria disease. The anopheles Stephensi breeds in fresh water collection like water tank, overhear tanks, rain water collected in tarpaulin, tyers & water wells.

There are various pest control – Mosquito service provider company in Mumbai that offers net Mosquito & Screen mosquito service as per the demand but the Pesto Free pest control is trusted & reliable machinery mosquito coil dealers in Mumbai.

Diseases caused by different species of mosquito

  •   Anopheles Stephensi - Malaria.
  •   Culex - Filariasis,Japanese Encephalitis
  •   Aedes - Chikun Guniya, Dengue
  • Fogging :

    The fogging will be done by using fogger machine, the ultra low volume form chemical is used which is mixed in diesel. Fogging is done at the time of dusk hours as the frequency of mosquito high at that time.

    Mosquito Control Treatment

    1. Larval Management- (ANTI-LARVAL TREATMENT)
    2. The mosquito passes through 4 instars. egg, larva, pupa & adult. Larval stage is the weakest stage in mosquito life cycle & it is easy to control by spraying the breeding places thoroughly by using suitable Larvicide. The water collected area & all water bodies present at the site are sprayed thoroughly by hand compression spray. The larval stage completed in 4 to 10 days so it is necessary to treat the water bodies on weekly interval.

    3. Adult Management- Residual Spraying
    4. The spraying will be done by using chemical having residual effect, all possible resting places of mosquito are treated like labour hutments, garbage area, toilet bathroom, darken places, ducts, gutter line, garden area etc. are sprayed thoroughly.

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